Pharmaceris P-Psoriasis Reduces Scaling And Dandruff Spray 125 ML

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"The product is recommended for daily treatment of the scalp and other hair-bearing areas affected by psoriatic lesions, as well as for chronic dandruff which is difficult to control. It is indicated for reducing scale build-up and dandruff, and normalizing epidermal cell desquamation. The specialist therapy aims to extend the periods of remission. It is also recommended for preventive use. EFFICACY Efficacy confirmed by clinical tests on skin with psoriasis**: 74% relieves itching and burning 74% moisturizes the scalp 76% minimizes the appearance of psoriatic lesions on the scalp 74% promotes skin regeneration on the scalp 67% minimizes the appearance of dandruff. apply the product daily in the morning and at bedtime onto the affected areas, and especially the hair-bearing areas of the body and wet or dry scalp, using a comb to part your hair. Spray the product onto each parting three times by pressing the atomizer button. Then rub it gently into the scalp. Do not rinse. Use the product preventively a few times a week at bedtime. To enhance the effectiveness of the treatment, include the PURI-ICHTILIUM cleansing gel and the BODY-ICHTILIUM body cream from the Pharmaceris P line in your daily skin care routines."
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